Residential Show Houses

Modern Luxury

bejeweled wide 2

Abundant light and luxurious finishes are the envelope for this recently constructed luxury-level home. 

A large slab of marble rests on brass cabinets to complete the center island and dining area.

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bejeweled tall 3
bejeweled tall 2

Soaring ceilings, singular chandeliers, and commissioned art are always components of projects designed by Tish Mills Interiors.

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bejeweled bedroom

Whether through bold colors or soft textures, Tish Mills creates sumptuous bedrooms. From onyx cabinets with fluid patterns to geometrically inspired fabrics, we design restful respites that are appropriate for each owner, in each home. 

bejeweled living
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From moody bars and libraries to the warm welcome of grand rooms, Tish Mills incorporates hand-selected finishes and furnishings. 

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